General Questions

How qualitative are your documents?

Answer : Our documents are produced with respect to quality and security; so they are no different from those issued by the authorities. We make use of special paper, watermarks, security threads, intaglio printing, micro printing, fluorescent dyes, color-changing ink, document number laser perforation, latent image, laser image perforation while producing documents.

Can I use your document instead of real one?

Answer : Yes, you can! To reduce risks we recommend the use document duplicates service, i.e. cloning a real existing document but with your photo.

Are my order details kept private?
Answer : Of course! Customer details are kept confidential and never shared with any third parties. All our documents come in plain white envelopes with no mark saying what’s inside

How is this legal?
These documents are sold to you on the proviso that they will not used for fraud, misrepresentation or any unlawful activity. We will not be held accountable for breaching these terms or any misuse of our fake documents on your part. The completion of your order signifies your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Is this a scam?

Answer :
No, we’ve been in business for 8years now and that wouldn’t be possible if we were running a fraudulent business. We very much value our reputation; so we stay 100% honest, trustworthy and loyal to our customers

Will i get a scan of my document after i pay the advance?

Answer : YES! As soon as we finish producing your order, we will provide you with scan pictures so you can confirm the authenticity of your document(s) before paying the rest of the money.

Delivery Questions

How long will shipping take?

Answer : Shipping takes from 2 to 5 days depending on the country of destination. Some orders may take up to a week.

Will i get tracking number for my package?

Answer : Orders shipped by via DHL (Worldwide Express) and FedEX express air mail are provided with tracking number for the package.

Do any of your company details appear on the document or envelopes they are sent in?
Answer : The documents will be sent in discrete packaging with no reference to our company.

Does the delivery name and address have to be the same as the name and address I want printed on my fake documents?
Answer : No. If you want your document to go to another address then just fill in the order form accordingly

Payment Questions

How do you accept payment?

We accept bank to bank transfers for payments above €3000. For transfers below €3000, we accept wire transfers via western union, Ria Money or moneygram.

How much time will it take to receive my order after the moment I pay?

Answer : It depends on the payment method used . Bank transfers usually take several days(3-5 business days) to arrive to our account. Ria Money, Western Union and MoneyGram transfers are fast and we can confirm transfers at the same day.

Can I pay for my  high quality document using a credit card or Paypal?

Answer :
Unfortunately due to the specification of our business it has been difficult to accept this payment methods; so we only accept wire and bank transfers.

I want to order lots of fake documents, can I get a discount?

Answer :
According our discounting policy you will get 5% discount for your 2nd order, 10% – for 3-4th and 5 or more – 15%.